The Trees and the Travel...

I've moved out of Sydney to live in rural New South Wales to take in the fresh air and the quiet.  My pattern making workshops will now run in a number of cities as I travel more and teaching become the bigger part of my life.  As I find new venues to deliver my training I'll report here so you can follow.  If you'd like to start the ball rolling and get some workshops running in your area, drop me a line and we'll se what we can pull together. :)

Trouser Pattern Intensive - 3 Days in COOLAMON17-Jul-2020

Book all three days and get an automatic 15% discount! A Fabulous 3 Days of Creative Patt..

Fashion Design and Pattern Making Training - 4 Days in COOLAMON06-Jul-2020

Four Days of Basic Fashion Training in Coolamon - 6-9 JULY, 2020. During the April School Holida..

Dress Pattern Intensive - 3 Days in COOLAMON.29-May-2020

Book all three days and get an automatic 10% discount! A Fabulous 3 Days of Creative Pat..

COOLAMON - Sewing Classes at the CWA Rooms08-Mar-2020

Sewing Classes, every month, on a Sunday in Coolamon. Come and visit us in Coolamon and get crea..

WAGGA, Simply Stitches - Dressmaking Classes15-Feb-2020

Sewing in WAGGA WAGGA. It's been such a pleasure to have a great variety of students in the sewi..

Sewing in the Riverina - 202017-Nov-2019

Class changes for Studio Faro in the coming year! Firstly all classes, Wagga and ..

Future Sydney Workshops05-Nov-2019

Planning for 2020. I so enjoy travelling to Sydney and running my pattern making workshops for..


Instructions for making your won novelty christmas day decorations for the table.Sewing and Fitting Clinics at Simply Stitches in Wagga.At the end of July 2018 I'll be moving all the sample making posts to the members area.  Become a member now.

Learn to draft Circle Skirt Patterns in just two hours.Personal fittings for your dress patterns or using my dress block.Fitting your patterns at the CWA in Coolamon.I have the privilege of teaching in these historically beautiful CWA rooms in Coolamon.
Dress making classes at Simply Stitches in WAGGA WAGGA.

Learn the most important pattern making skills to cut great trousers.Creative trouser pattern making at Cardif Collective, in Canberra.Cardif Collective workshops for June, 2018.Workshops at Cardif Collective for September, 2018.Dress Pattern Fittings and Creative Trousers at Cardif Collective, in Canberra.
Creative pattern making for skirts that pushes your skills to a whole new level.Leaarn to fit your own dress patterns: Sydney, Canberra and Coolamon.You being the trouser and I'll do the fitting and show you how to alter your patterns.

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